What Weather Tracking Features are Included in Fishing Apps?

Discover what weather tracking features are included in most popular fishing apps like Windfinder FREE Fishidy FishAngler Fishing Spots When To Fish Fishbrain etc.

What Weather Tracking Features are Included in Fishing Apps?

Fishing is a popular pastime, and with the right tools, it can be even more enjoyable. Many fishing apps offer features that can help anglers make the most of their time on the water. Wind and weather forecasts are among the most important features included in most fishing apps. Windfinder FREE is one of the most popular fishing apps, offering wind and weather forecasts for 45,000 different locations and 21,000 weather stations.

It also provides tide forecasts for high and low tides for more than 8,000 locations around the world. Wind plays an important role in fishing, as it can have both advantages and disadvantages. Fish tend to be more active when there is a bit of wind to stir up the water, especially on sunny days when they can see better and are more likely to be scared off by boat trails, lures, or anything else that might spook them. However, wind can be a disadvantage in certain areas that are more difficult to fish, such as in the middle of a lake, and it can make it difficult to steer a boat when there are big waves in the water.

Windfinder uses measurements such as wind strength and direction, gusts, air temperature, felt temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, air pressure, wave height, wave period, and wave direction. The Fishidy fishing app is free to download and provides anglers with real-time information on recent catches in waterways near them. In the free version of Fishidy, users can view an activity feed with information about current conditions, recent photos, and posts they have made. They can also view a waterway map with different icons located throughout. The FishAngler app is also free to download and includes maps, weather forecasts, a logbook, a store, and community pages and groups.

When users open the FishAngler app for the first time they will receive a feed that shows them global and local information including catches and settings used to make those catches. They can also follow different accounts such as friends', family's or businesses'.Fishing Spots allows users to view a complete fishing forecast that includes the percentage of fish activity, weather conditions such as barometric pressure, wind and sun forecasts for the next seven days. They can also make forecasts for future activity but only see fish activity along with sun and moon phase information. In addition to keeping track of fish forecasts users can also connect with their local community by setting a one-mile radius to view posts and scroll through the community feed. The app also comes with a map view, species search function, and fishing records to track catches, fishing locations and equipment.

This means anglers can fish at the right time instead of wasting an entire day on the lake when night fishing is best. With GPS hotspot locations they will know exactly where to go and how to get there through the fishing app. This application is aimed at both fishing and hunting enthusiasts who use solunar predictions to get an idea of how successful a particular day could be. The premium version gives access to information about fishing offline maps when there is no internet access as well as information about depth composition of the bottom (mud rock or sand) submerged vegetation submerged structures and critical fishing points with GPS coordinates. When To Fish is only for those who enjoy freshwater fishing so if this isn't you this won't be the app you need. We recommend installing the fishing app on your phone and seeing how much access you'll have in the free version.

Arguably barometric pressure is the most important factor that determines a good day of fishing or a bad day of fishing because moon phases can affect tides this is a great feature to include in your saltwater fishing application. Most applications that require a paid subscription will grant at least limited access to certain features of the application while fish may bite on stormy days it's not advisable to go out when there's a chance of being struck by lightning. In addition to all those forecasting functions users can also track their catches in a logbook analyze them buy and sell fishing equipment interact with other anglers in their community compete with other anglers in their community. Fishbrain's fishing forecast feature will predict the best forecast for your day on the water so you can make sure you're getting out at just the right time.

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