Do Fishing Apps Help You Find Your Favorite Spots?

Fishing Points (Android & iOS) provides versatile tools & useful information for anglers like custom maps & records of catches. Learn more about how fishing apps help create custom maps & increase success rate in spearfishing.

Do Fishing Apps Help You Find Your Favorite Spots?

Fishing Points (Android, iOS) is a great tool for anglers, providing useful information and a range of features. You can save your favorite fishing spots, jogging lines and trawls with Google Maps and offline graphic views to help you get back to the right place. Plus, you can create a record of all the captures you manage to catch during the trip, with photos of the captures. The application also includes forecasts of fish activity, tides, weather and the isolunar calendar.

In-app purchases allow you to upgrade to the basic and advanced premium versions, which eliminate applications, add offline nautical charts for the United States. In the US, they allow you to add an unlimited number of fishing locations and enter more advanced forecast data. Technology has changed significantly since I started fishing with a spear. I used to go out with only the most basic spearfishing gear, but nowadays I'm a little more tech-savvy.

If there's a chance that one of the best fishing apps will give me a better chance of hunting a monster fish with a spear, you can be sure that I'm all over it. Knowing the right places, the right conditions, and even the right time of day can significantly increase your success rate in spearfishing. In the water you are completely out of your element. Smart lancers will take advantage of any advantage that one of the best fishing apps can offer. Especially if you're new to sports. Finding good places for spearfishing can give you an edge, as it will allow you to catch a once-in-a-lifetime fish or, at least, bring home a decent fish-based food.

When it comes to choosing the best fishing apps for you, there are a few things I recommend keeping in mind. For me, no application has everything I need, so I use a combination of these to ensure that I have the tools I need for a successful dive. Ultimately, choosing the best fishing apps is up to you. Choose an app that has the features you need to ensure you're successful on your next spearfishing hunt. Navigating your fishing spots safely without getting lost means that there are more fish on the boat.

With Navionics, anglers and boaters get detailed nautical charts, sonar charts and map overlays - think of it like Google Maps for water - helping navigators safely reach places they've never been before. The community editing feature also allows other boaters to comment and give feedback on their local waters. Having local knowledge about a new waterway will be beneficial and will increase your time throwing decoys instead of spending it behind the wheel. Understandably, applications such as OnX (originally designed for hunters) or newer ones more focused on fishing such as TroutRoutes have surprised many. If you have the Deeper fish finder, you can turn your smartphone into a sonar screen that details the depth of the water, temperature, vegetation, location of fish and other useful information with the help of its launchable sonar device. It's no secret that fishing has experienced an incredible surge in participation since the Covid pandemic which helped app sales skyrocket.

This application may not be one of those that immediately come to mind when it comes to hunting and fishing applications but it is arguably one of the most important. Users can plan their next fishing trip with its solunar calendar and weather forecasts using solunar theories to accurately predict movement and feeding activities of different species of fish. Additional features include guides on knots, gear and equipment; a digital wallet for storing important fishing documents such as licenses; and a variety of fish recipes with nutritional information. Aimed specifically at saltwater anglers is Pro Angler (Android, iOS), offering users a wealth of resources from its guide with more than 15000 fishing access points with GPS; radar weather maps; easy-to-use state and federal regulations; and guide to 250 species of saltwater fish. Like many other writers I've made a career out of getting people excited about fishing and passing on what I've learned to help them catch more fish. There are now plenty of fishing apps available and while each one does different things there are also lots of overlays.

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